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  To view the reading for today click here   I have a confession to make. I’m a real fan of thrillers and action movies. Just about every one of them, from Lethal Weapon to Arnold Schwarzenegger rock and sock… Read more >


To find the reading for today, click here There was a time, perhaps not all that long ago, when if you asked people what was the most important thing in life you would likely get the answer that the most… Read more >

Following closely

To find the reading for this week click here Following Closely “For what will it profit [a person] to gain the whole world and forfeit their life? Any of us who drive cars know that there is a danger to… Read more >

Announcement about our New Music Director

On the advice of the “Music Director Selection Committee”, Father Rick and the Parish Council are pleased to announce that we have hired a new Music Director for our church. Leora Nauta is known as “an exceptional musician… warm, open,… Read more >


The Parish Picnic, Sunday June 17, 2018 @930am The annual picnic will be held this year on the back lawn of the church. It will not be a joint picnic. We will begin outside with the Eucharist (as usual) followed… Read more >

The Already and the “Not yet”

  To find the reading for this week click here The Already and the “Not Yet” We in the church are often called to live in a space or time between. Advent is season that we live in between…in anticipation… Read more >

Anglican Church of Canada Canadian Anglicans are a diverse community. We worship in small chapels and large churches. Some of us worship with guitars and drums, while others prefer organs and choirs. We speak many languages.

Anglican Diocese of Ottawa

The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa With its head office in the National Capital Region, The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa straddles the Ottawa River and includes the eastern counties of Ontario and the western counties of Quebec. The Diocese includes a… Read more >

Community Ministries Whether it is in one of our affordable housing communities, at one of our drop-in day programs or our emergency downtown women’s shelter, or in the consultation rooms of our experienced counsellors and psychotherapists; whether it’s someone struggling with… Read more >

The Primate’s World Relief and Development The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) Le fonds du Primat pour le secours et le développement mondial is the Anglican Church of Canada’s agency for sustainable development, relief, refugees, and global justice. With the support of Anglican parishes across… Read more >