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Wall Hangings

BACKGROUND: Since 2008, the church sanctuary has featured several decorative hangings produced by  Georgina Gray, a RUC member, as part of a Riverside Churches project. At the semi-annual RUC/COR combined service on April 19th, 2009, the original quilts were blessed and officially commissioned… Read more >


Church of the Resurrection features several Accessibility features: The Church building is fully wheel chair accessible as is the main seating area of the Nave. The Chancel and Sanctuary area is not accessible at this time but Holy Communion is… Read more >

Clergy Past and Present

Clergy Past and Present The Reverend J. Harwood-Jones (1964-65) The Reverend Allan Rogers (1965-67) The Reverend George Bickley (1967-73) The Reverend Gerald Churchill (1973-76) The Venerable Ralph Smith (1976-83) The Reverend Canon Harry Brown (1983-89) The Reverend Bob Calderwood (1989-92)… Read more >


Today … This shared church building functions like a community centre, hosting meetings for parish and community organizations including local choirs, music lessons, an Elections Canada polling station, a nursery school, seniors’ events, dances, fund raisers, garage sales, concerts, and… Read more >


Formed as a parish in the Diocese of Ottawa in 1964, we started parish life worshiping in a local public school for our first five years. We entered into an agreement with Riverside United Church to pool our resources and… Read more >

The Community of Faith

  To view the reading for today click here “…where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” In the Gospel lesson this morning Jesus talks about community. It’s an appropriate lesson too as we… Read more >

When good people do good things

The readings of the day, click here People of faith seem to have a fondness for stories in which God does things, usually big things, spectacular things. You know, stories where God gets into the act, makes himself known, or… Read more >

Life is a roller coaster

To read this week’s readings: click here How quick we are to judge. Not only about judging other people but how quick we are to judge situations also. When we judge our own situations, how are we to know whether… Read more >

Need to book a room?

Need to book a room? Check our Bookings Calendar to find free space. Then call either church office (RUC, 613-733-7735 or COR, 613-733-8185) to arrange a booking. For your convenience, you will find a copy of the booking agreement here. To view a copy… Read more >

Transfiguration 2017

It’s the New Year.         How many of you made resolutions? Well it’s that time of year, isn’t it?   When the Gyms fill up for a month or so and the diet section at Chapters sells out the latest fad… Read more >