Preparing for Baptism

We are happy to hear that you are thinking about Christian Baptism, either for yourself or for your child. Baptism is the first step of the Christian journey of faith and the way in which we become one with the community of all Christian believers. Through this sacrament we are affirming our own acceptance that we belong to God, that through Jesus Christ we are made part of God’s people within the context of the world in which we live.

Families or individuals seeking Baptism at our church are asked to call for an appointment to meet with our Priest, the Reverend Rick Durrett, to discuss this request for the sacrament of Baptism. Father Rick will schedule a home visit and during that visit he will give information and instruction on the importance of this initiation rite. He will also inform you of the appropriate dates for this sacrament to be received.

Baptism is celebrated at the main worship service of the day (915am Sunday) with the whole congregation in attendance. It is an appropriate time for this to happen as the new member of the flock is received by the whole community.

Please contact Father Rick if you are interested in Baptism at the Church of the Resurrection.