Confirmation, Reception into the Anglican Communion and Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows

Confirmation, in the Anglican tradition, has taken some new directions in the last few years. Confirmation, reception, and reaffirmation are various modes of responding to Baptism. Whether they involve making promises on one’s own behalf, seeking membership within the Anglican branch of the Church, or reaffirming promises made long ago, each is directly related to the covenant made in Baptism.

In the Anglican tradition many of us are Baptized as infants and promises are made for us by parents and godparents. Indeed in the Baptismal rite we use today the whole community is asked to make the promise that they will “…do all in their power to support these persons in their life in Christ…” At some point in our faith life it is important to take the promises of our Baptism for ourselves; to confirm or reaffirm the promises made by others on our behalf.

There is no magic age for this to happen. Traditionally we used to think that 12 was a good age and, for some, this might still be a good age to begin to think about personalizing the faith journey. Confirmation is something that the individual must do as a personal decision. It shouldn’t be done to please parents or to graduate from Sunday School. It is a personal decision to follow Christ and to affirm the promises made at Baptism on our behalf.

Confirmation is not a pre-requisite to receiving the Holy Eucharist or Communion. Baptism is the sole initiation rite in our church and is the gateway to all the benefits of membership, including the reception of the Holy Eucharist or communion. The Eucharist is the Christian Family Meal and just as we would never dream of excluding our children from the family meal at home so we do not exclude them from the Christian Family Meal. Children are encouraged to receive communion with the assent of their parents. When children reach school age we have a program called “Life in the Eucharist,” a parent and priest led program, to help deepen their understanding of the sacrament.

Confirmation at COR will take place when individuals are ready and express an interest in receiving this sacrament. Annually there is a Diocesan Confirmation service, held at the Cathedral on the Feast of Pentecost, and in those years when no visit from the Bishop is scheduled in the Parish we will prepare candidates to participate in the Diocesan service.

Our last Confirmation service took place on April 30, 2017 when the Bishop attended our church.
Please talk to Father Rick if you desire to be Confirmed, Received into the Anglican Communion or Reaffirm your Baptismal Vows.

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