Giving to the Church

Our custom here at Resurrection is to ask people, on a yearly basis,  to reflect on the time, talent and treasure they give to God’s work here in our community. As Christian people we all must consider, in light of our individual situations, if we are being faithful in supporting this important ministry at Resurrection, our spiritual home.

In the same way that we have yearly household budgets in order to support our homes and families, we have to budget our church family budget too. There is so much good done through our church family both in our gathered community;

  • church services,
  • Christian education,
  • youth ministry,
  • music,
  • LIFE groups etc

and in our wider community;

  • supporting the abused (Centre 454),
  • feeding the hungry (Food Bank, Bishops Child Poverty Initiative, Rectors Discretionary Fund),
  • clothing (bales for the North),
  • supporting overseas mission (Church School Child, PWRDF) etc.

Let me urge each of you to consider how you support our Church’s mission. Volunteering time and talent is something we should all be doing if we are truly committed but monetary support is also important. do we give to God only what is left over? Only our small change? Or is our support truly reflective of how important we see the work of our church in the world?

A recent article on Stewardship in the blog “The Community” urges people to ask themselves the following questions:

1)    In what ways do you express your Christian faith as you go about earning a living?

2)    What is your relationship with money?

3)    What is the percentage of time/talent/treasure that you give to the church?

4)    Based on your current income, are you satisfied with what you are giving to the church?

5)    What talents do you have that could benefit the church?

6)    If others gave what you currently give would your parish be thriving, floundering or finished?

Like anything in life things that are important need to be intentional and planned. Giving through church envelopes each week not only helps people to be intentional it allows for a tax receipt at the end of the year to help with Income Tax. Many people are also using Pre Authorized Remittance PAR, which allows for a monthly giving automatically from a bank account or credit card. This method helps us to make a regular commitment reflecting our dedication to our mission. Ask how you can do this if you are not sure.

Please take some time to consider how you support our Church family. Do it in a spirit of love and prayer. God thanks you for your past support and your faithfulness into the future.

Father Rick