Formed as a parish in the Diocese of Ottawa in 1964, we started parish life worshiping in a local public school for our first five years. We entered into an agreement with Riverside United Church to pool our resources and obtain a mortgage to cover the cost of a church building. Completed in 1969, the building is in two sections: the church proper and an education wing. Each of the two congregations owns 50% of the building and shares equally in the costs of maintenance.

A Rectory was purchased in late 1964 and the men of the Parish finished the basement as a Parish Centre and Chapel. The Rectory was sold in the 90s as the Diocese was encouraging priests to buy their own properties. the proceeds of the Rectory sale are invested with the Diocese and provide funds to assist with a housing allowance for our Incumbent Priest.

In 2014 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Parish with a supper event at which we invited all members, former members and former clergy. It was a wonderful evening of celebration and thanksgiving to God for the continuing ministry here in Riverside Park.