Information on Weddings at COR



                You have decided to make a lifelong commitment in a Marriage relationship. It’s a big step and now there is a lot of planning and preparation for your Marriage service. It’s more than just preparing for a day, however, and we are committed to helping you get the best start with a meaningful service of worship in which you make a commitment to one another in God’s presence.


Steps to Planning your Church Wedding


  • Usually Marriage services are conducted at COR for those who are a part of the congregation or who have family members involved at COR. Consideration will also be given to those who live in the area and are affiliated with the Anglican Church or those who plan to become participants at COR in the future.


  • A minimum of three months’ notice is required for a Marriage service.  Many people arrange their service much earlier than that. It is wise to check with the church before you make specific plans for reception halls or print invitations in case the Priest and/or the date you would like to hold your service is not available. Weddings will not be held on Sundays, in Holy Week (the week before Easter), the Easter weekend,  or the week before Christmas .


  • If there is already a Marriage service planned in the church for the date and time you request a minimum of two hours will be required between the start of one service and the start of the next service.


  • Before any booking is made the couple must arrange an initial interview with Father Richard Durrett. At that interview the Priest and couple will discuss the request to be married at COR. If there is agreement to proceed, details concerning dates (rehearsal and ceremony), timings, and all arrangements necessary for Marriage Preparation and the Wedding ceremony will be decided.


  • On conclusion of the initial interview the couple will complete a Booking Request form, provided by the office. The wedding will be considered booked when the form is completed, received and the time is verified as available by the Administrative Assistant. A non-refundable $100 deposit (made payable to Riverside Churches of Ottawa) is required at the time of booking. 


Our Church Staff

The Reverend Richard Durrett; Father Rick will be happy to meet with you to plan your wedding. All weddings held under the auspices of COR must involve our Priest. If you wish to involve other clergy this must be fully discussed and approved during the initial interview.


Our Organist and Music Director, Ms.Leora Nauta,normally accompanies all weddings at COR. She will help you plan the music for your wedding. If she is not available we will be happy to arrange an alternative musician. If you wish to use another musician or musicians this must be discussed at the initial interview with our Priest.


Marriage Preparation Program

All couples being married at COR are required to participate in a marriage preparation program. The Priest will provide information about this program at the initial interview.



There are costs associated with hosting a wedding. Besides the time and expertise of our professional staff there are also overhead costs to running our facility.

Priest                    (made payable to the Rev. Richard Durrett)                                                                    $200

*Organist            (made payable to the Organist)                                                                                     $165

Building Fee       (made payable to Riverside Churches of Ottawa)


Custodian            (made payable to Mr. Marc Godin)

$ 65

*If required

** A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required at time of initial interview and booking. The deposit will be applied against the Building Fee.


All fees together with the Marriage License obtained from the Province are due one week prior to the Marriage Service.


The Marriage Service

  1. a)Marriage services will all be conducted according to the rites of the Anglican Church of Canada and any music requested must be appropriate for Christian worship.
  2. b)Options for readings, candle lighting, etc. will be presented for selection by the couple at the time of the initial interview with Fr. Rick.
  3. c)Photographs-If there is a Professional or official photographer appointed he/she must speak with the Priest before the service commences. Guests will be asked to refrain from taking photos until after the ceremony is over. They may take pictures at the signing of the register and the Wedding March.
  4. d)Flowers/decorations- the church will be open/available one hour before the Marriage service begins. Flowers or other decorations may be delivered at this time. On some occasions decorations may also be placed in the church at the time of the rehearsal.
  5. e)Program- It is the responsibility of the couple to print an order of service if they require one.
  6. f)Confetti, rice, the scattering of flower petals etc is not permitted inside or outside the church building.


Marriage License

A Marriage license must be obtained and submitted to the church office one week prior to the service accompanied by the appropriate fees. Licenses may be obtained from the clerk of most cities, townships, towns or villages in Ontario.


Marriage licence application forms may be downloaded from the Ministry of Government Services Web site, or picked-up in person at any Client Service Centre.

There is a fee ($161.60 in 2018) for the issue of a marriage license which is payable at the time of issue at the Registry Office.


Witnesses: Two witnesses of the age of 18 are required by law to witness the Marriage service and sign the license and register at the time of the service. These folks are normally the two persons who stand with the couple at the altar in the wedding party.


God bless you as you prepare to enter this exciting time in your lives together.