Wall Hangings


Since 2008, the church sanctuary has featured several decorative hangings produced by  Georgina Gray, a RUC member, as part of a Riverside Churches project. At the semi-annual RUC/COR combined service on April 19th, 2009, the original quilts were blessed and officially commissioned as part of the church sanctuary. Others were blessed at combined services shortly after they were hung.


The altar is flanked by banners entitled

“In the Beginning”

which represent earth, water, vegetation, skyand the radiance from the Cross. Georgina created theselarge fabric art panels using over 100 different batiks, 570shapes per panel, by modifying the “Tumbling Glass” quiltpattern designed by Martha L. Brown.




On the east side of the sanctuary (organ side), the first banner,


“Christian Symbols in Celtic Designs”

, features a descending dove (Holy Spirit), a seven-pointed star (nativity & baptism), a triangle (Trinity), a crown of thorns (crucifixion), chalice and wafer (Communion), and two fishes (Beatitudes, also an early church symbol). The circle of hearts represents the cooperation between the two churches whereas the Ionian and Maltese crosses represent the two congregations. The second banner is a vine of life starting from dark coloured leaves and working upwards to brighter coloured leaves representing the Light.





The five banners along the west wall opposite the organ (two at the left, three below) are in the five liturgical colours. The red (Pentecost, opposite LHS), green (Trinity, opposite RHS), and blue (Advent, below LHS), banners use the “Magic Tiles” quilt pattern by Kathleen Bissett to represent three of the liturgical colours.

The white (Christmas, Epiphany, Easter and other holy days) banner (opposite, centre) was made by strip piecing 45 whites, creams, golds, and caramel colours, not only to show the fourth liturgical colour but also the Path of Light. The purple (Lent) banner (opposite, RHS) is an original design showing the Path to the Cross and the hope that the Resurrection gives. Material for the banner was purchased from as far away as Oberammergau, Germany and Arizona in the USA.




October 9, 2012

Newest addition